Saturday, October 9, 2010



Airway: Make sure the Airway is open. Place patient on their back, gently tilt head back by lifting the chin (at the bone, not the throat). Be sure there is no objects in the throat, ie. dentures, gum, tongue, food, or projectiles that have pierced the throat.

Breathing: Check that the patient is breathing. Place your ear near their mouth and listen for the movement of air. While listening watch the patient's chest for a rise and fall.

Circulation: Check the pulse, movement of chest, sounds emitting from the patient.

Three B's

Breathing: As part of the ABCs, ensure that breathing is clear and established.

Bleeding: Address bleeding by applying pressure to the bleed site and elevate if possible.

Broken bones: Look for swelling or limbs at odd angles. These could be signs of fractures. Fractures are to be immobilized, but ensure the patient is comfortable. Do not try to set a fracture yourself.

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