Saturday, December 25, 2010

Animals: Moose

Not exactly a reindeer, but close enough.

The moose inhabits Canada and the United States, and they are found widespread in both these countries.

A large moose can stand about 2 metres tall at the shoulder, and be over 3 metres in length, and weigh up to 500 kgs. They are strange looking creatures, and one of the most distinct features (which also sets it apart from deer or elk) is the flap of skin known as the bell, which hands from its throat.

Due to their size, they have little predators. Wolves will often prey on moose, but usually only if the moose is very young, or sick. Bears will also occasionally prey on the moose.

Did you know? The moose is the largest member of the deer family.

Moose are herbivores, and will eat plant type foods. They feed on twigs and leaves of trees. They will also often wander into water two metres deep, to feed on water lillies.

The male moose is called a bull. The female moose is called a cow.


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